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POLECAM – final version

August 21st, 2011 | Category: UW Photograpy tech

Polecam Tobias IMG 03631 POLECAM   final versionimage: Tobias Friedrich

Polecam senza IO1 POLECAM   final versionimage: Chantal Passamonti

Today the last tests of the final version of the polecam. The system allows basically remoting all camera command, including video ON/OFF, auto focus (follow), remote image shutter, shutter speed, ISO, and more.

I would like to thank all companies/brand who directly or indirectly helped me finalize my project; a special thank goes to the sponsors: Italcanna-Italy for the carbon elements,Gitzo-Italy for tripod and telescopic extension parts and to SmallHD DP4 for their great product.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

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GITZO Inspires

November 15th, 2010 | Category: UW Photograpy tech

Gitzo Inspires kelp BW1 GITZO Inspires

Proud to be selected as team member at Gitzo

Gitzo inspires - team member

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Manfrotto School of Excellence

November 05th, 2010 | Category: UW Photograpy tech

MandrottoSchoolOfExcellence 540x 1 Manfrotto School of Excellence



The skills of the world’s best photographers and video operators are brought together

by Manfrotto in an innovative online platform, “The Manfrotto School of Excellence”


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Gitzo ocean traveler tripod, also for underwater use

June 06th, 2010 | Category: UW Photograpy tech

Inserto GITZO3 Gitzo ocean traveler tripod, also for underwater usePhoto credit: Michele Davino

It took me some time before I found the right tripod to employ mainly in the adverse conditions of the underwater world (water, saltiness, sand, etc.); the construction of the Gitzo Ocean Traveler (GT 1541 OT) made of steel and carbon 6X telescopic arms with joints pond system (Ocean-Lock) assures duration, robustness, minim maintenance and resistance to the fresh and salt water, but not only; its contained weight aligns it with the more and more stricter limitations in terms of weight asked from the international airlines and carries out an optimal job for above water use with middle size lenses Canon EF 70-200mm F 2,8 L IS USM and the EF 100-400mm F 4.5-5.6 L IS USM.

Gitzo dettagli trepiede 540x1202 Gitzo ocean traveler tripod, also for underwater use

Personally I am using the tripod underwater, on land and as support for the telescopic arms of my polecam (see also post of the 05.05.2010).

Gitzo finale blog3 Gitzo ocean traveler tripod, also for underwater use

With the introduction of full HD video system on Canon EOS cameras (5D mark II and Canon 7D), the Gitzo Ocean Traveler tripod is now an irreplaceble instrument for ambitious photographers.

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Polecam prototype for underwater use

May 05th, 2010 | Category: UW Photograpy tech

PoleCam scenario 540x235 60791 Polecam prototype for underwater usephoto credit: Chanty

First tests of my carbon PoleCam prototype with integrated video-google and fixed remote shutter release gave positive results. The maximum extension of the tubes is 350 cm, while the telescopic structure allows the arms to be extended from 70cm to 350 cm; the wiring system slides inner the tube allowing all commands (video signal and remote shutter) to be available at the end of polecam.

In phase of planning it has been thought important consider the idea of a inner cable system to avoid any risk of entangling, cable tearing, etc…

PoleCam sistema 3x finale 540x122 Polecam prototype for underwater use

The underwater camera housing is connected at the end of polecam through an adjustable balancing system remotely connected to a lever; this idea is born from the necessity of being able to directly vary the angle of resumption of the housing, without every time to extract the entire system from the water.

On the anodized aluminium “L” is fixed the watertight remote shutter, the water resistant plug for wiring connection and the video signal to connect the system to the video-google allowing remote vision, 12V power for the viewfinder camera, and the ON/OFF switch.

The telescopic arm is built in carbon for more optimal flexural strength; the aluminium parts (anticorodal) are dealt with hard anodization resistant to salt water; the remote shutter and video cabling are resistant to water (IP68 certification); the polecam is assembled with 5 carbon tubes with diameters of 28-32-36-41-43 millimetres build with an anti-spin system that guarantees the arm to remain blocked without to endure slackening in the points of joint between the tubes.

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